Web services that we offer

Web Design
First and foremost we offer web design services. Whether you just want a little modification to an existing site, a complete site overhaul, or a brand new site from scratch we can help you achieve your goals.

Web Development and Programming
Most websites are dynamic living creatures that require constant updates. Doing this manually can be expensive and time consuming so we offer a number of content management and programming solutions to help you run a dynamic up to date site. We can offer both off the shelf systems or design bespoke solutions for your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation
There is little point in having a website that no one visits, one major way to drive traffic to your site is by being visible in the search engines. This can drive an unimaginable amount of visitors to your site. We can provide both on and off site SEO services tailored to your exact needs. Web Hosting
We can offer reasonable web hosting prices for your site, whether we design it or not! We have a number of dedicated servers that we can host your site on so you know it will be fast and available all the time! We host our own sites on these servers so we know they are good!

Most websites require maintenance from time to time, whether it is updating content, adding new pages or tweaking the layout. We suggest that all clients take out a maintenance contract with us, a small annual retainer, so that we will perform any tweaking or maintenance duties throughout the year. This can save you a lot of time and money down the road.